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The ones that pretend to be tolerant and open while living a completely different way. Whatever you want to think. These words are my art. You read them, as well as millions of other people. Obviously I did something right. I read your last reply and from the very 1st line, I can tell that I surely caused you confusion. Your response was not in unison with the comment i made previously. So if you misunderstood, it probably can be traced back to me not being clear. Its very tangled now, not sure is I actually can clear it up. I think where I caused confusion was in the whole 3rd paragraph.

I can see where you might have thought I was talking about you. I was not. What I meant to say is that you made what I thought was a rhetorical comment…and like all rhetorical comments, they are not specific. So I was not suggesting at all that you were blaming other people and not yourself. Not Raymmar……but Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Riley Bechtel, Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, the Keating 5, Michael Milken, the guy who was hired to dispose of small pox infected blankets but sold them to the indians, the guy who bought 10, defective rifles and sold them to the cavalry, and the list goes on and on and on.

Then you reply on about evil and other things and mention that there are still good businessmen and politicians that want to do good…. Well, again. I do not ever remember saying you were wrong as far as any idea you had concerning how to fix it. I remember saying I agree w your whole rubics concept but dont remember saying you were wrong about anything…. As for my solution….

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Steve Jobs shit on people, not me. Second, get rid of money, scarcity, and debt. Then you go on for a few more paragraphs that again, I understand the words, but those ideas had little to do with what I was talking about. What I was talking about was the absolute fact that people are creating empires at other peoples expense, not philosophy on good and evil.

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Just the fact that there are criminal activities, w horrendous results, global in nature done by men who are NOT viewed as criminals, but RATHER, viewed as exceptional, job creators, who are the pillars of society. It disgusts me. I guess what disturbs me the most is that I do not understand how another human being cannot understand that people get ahead at the expense of others.

The bodies pile up, it is history…not nonsense…history. If you dispute history, then the discussion is sadly over. I understand what you are saying and I know you were not blaming me directly but of course I am part of we. And you are too. So in your example, my argument is only valid if I name names? You list people and some examples of people doing shitty things and them expect people to assume that all business owners are bad because obviously they all abuse and exploit their employees. We need the assholes and hard asses who are willing to make the hard decisions.

Life is not fair, neither is business. Outcomes should not be fair either.


I agree that it will be the overwhelming amount of average individuals that save is as a whole but they must be ready. To stand up and step out of the systems that have all been so perverted as we talk about in this conversation. I agree with getting rid of Manipulations of the system but currency in and of itself is not bad. I know about the Venus project and there are many parts of it that I agree with bit there are other parts that stink of utopian control and ideological fantasies.

Then you have to wonder who is going to own and build it. Would they not be tempted to do the same thing with their social experiment than those that came before? What about the industrious worker. How will they innovate and produce? Start businesses and drive commerce? I just think that the empowered individual and the ability to fail and succeed based in individual merit is a better system than anything that has been tried over the years. Sure, it has become perverted but throwing out the same system that has allowed so many to climb out of poverty because some people are atill poor is a bad idea.

If we could get the bloated government out of our lives and actually allow some semblance of a free market to succeed them we might have a chance. Look at the internet for instance. It is the last real free market in existence. Many people can get scammed, lots of people do and for the most part we all love it and use it for good. The gov is coming after that hard as well. They want to insert themselves into the government and control the rules to that game like they have with everything else.

I think you are seeing a shift towards conscious capitalism and you are seeing companies that are balancing profit with personality as well as doing right by their customers. The biggest perversion that we have is our bloated government who has to stick their hands into every aspect of our lives as if we were not capable of making our own decisions. As if they were doing any better job at running things than the individual producer would be able to do.

follow People do not have to get ahead at the expense of others. Quite the contrary, I am trying to get ahead by helping others. I am trying to show that there is another way and hopefully sparking some other interesting thoughts on how the world could work better along the way.

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Awakening to oneself. Creative Therapeutics that inspire you to change eBook: Gabriel Choclin: Kindle Store. [KINDLE] Awakening to oneself. Creative Therapeutics that inspire you to change by Gabriel Choclin. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

Could I change everything and push people to look at the world a little differently? Yes, yes and yes. I think we are at a point that we partly agree and partly disagree on most of the points of discussion. Celebrate the good guys, expose the bad guys. Tyrants used that excuse centuries before you or I were born.

Just sayin. Number 2…. In their concept, there are no business and and there is no commerce. In the Venus project world i think you will get more innovation than at any time in history. Capitalism is what stunts innovation. We are a curious species, we will never stop inventing and innovating and experimenting….. And mathematically, there are more in poverty today than at any time in history, so getting rid of the system that helped people in poverty pull themselves out wont hurt.

And the Venus people, dreamers as they certainly are state up front their concept is not perfect…. Wrong again. The sub-mortgage crisis was not solely the banks fault.

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A UK initiative, Singing for the Brain, found that singing not only helped with memory and emotional well-being, but also improved the patient-carer relationship and provided a varied channel of communication. What do you think is worth waiting for? How can I run a successful blog and restaurant at the same time? As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to increasing motivation. Need help coming up with new ideas?

It was regulation that enticed them to loan the money for next to nothing and created an environment for people to exploit. Both the banks and the government are to blame and to think otherwise is ignorant. This is why I say you only see half of the issue. You are only half enlightened.

As for the Venus project, there were many things I liked about it. But I do not think it would work.

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Not yet at least. I also still have questions about who owns it? Who runs and operates it?