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‘Behind Closed Doors’ Review: Trials Without End
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I have been wanting to read Behind Closed Doors for quite some time. When it was available on NetGalley I requested it right away but unfortunately was denied. I think that just made me want it more! So when I finally got my hands on it I just had to put everything else aside and start reading. And I was pulled in right away. The past only a few months before Grace and Jack get married. The book opens in the present. Husband-and-wife, Jack and Grace Angel are hosting a dinner for two other couples. One couple are old friends of Jack's and another couple is new to the area.

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Behind Closed Doors book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks a. Behind Closed Doors: A Novel [B. A. Paris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY.

Everyone marvels over dinner and the house. When talk turns to Jack's job as a lawyer, everyone congratulates him on his most recent conviction. Jack champions battered wives and has never lost a case. As the title suggests, we do not know what goes on behind closed doors.

Is Grace Angel an example of a woman who has it all? A perfect house, a perfect husband, the perfect life?

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There are specialist domestic abuse police officers trained to support victims and to manage their safety and they will ensure that your safety is their priority. Make sure you clear the history in your normal browser first though! Domestic Abuse. Genre Country. He catches me looking and smiles. Nobody knows what they would do in when faced with the menace that is Jack. The villain is one dimensional and possesses a superhuman ability to get people to buy into whatever outlandish set of facts he fabricated because: charisma and he is an attorney?

Grace serves an extravagant meal and both her and Jack are wonderful hosts. Grace makes sure that everything goes flawlessly. The food is wonderful, she asks all the right questions and answers all questions perfectly. We learn more about how the couple got together.

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They met about 6 months before at a park Grace frequently attended with her year-old sister, Millie. It was one of their favorite places as Millie loves music and there was often a band playing. Millie was enjoying the music and started dancing. After a few minutes though her dancing seemed to annoy a few people. Grace was just about to ask Millie to stop when Jack appeared out of nowhere, dancing with Millie and charming everyone watching, including Grace. Millie has Down's syndrome and can be very spontaneous.

When Jack comes to her rescue, people stop staring and start to clap. It was a very special and heartwarming moment.

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Both Grace and Millie fall in love with Jack almost immediately. At first Grace was hesitant to get involved in a relationship with Jack. Millie boards at a school where she is well taken care of. Unfortunately, when she turns 18 she's no longer eligible to remain living there. Grace's parents want to find alternate living accommodations for Millie as they want to be free to travel. Grace does not want that and has promised to take care of Millie herself.

When Jack proposes he says he understands that Grace and Millie are a package deal. He proclaims to love Millie and is happy to help take care of her with Grace. But when talk turns to Millie coming to live with them, Grace seems more nervous than excited.

Jack really seems like the perfect man. Not just handsome and charming but loving and caring. On the day of their wedding Millie has an accident and must go to the hospital. Grace is frantic and considers putting off the wedding but Jack convinces her that while Millie won't be able to attend the wedding, she is otherwise just fine.

Jack and Grace go ahead with the wedding. After that they are off immediately to Thailand for their honeymoon. And the nightmare begins I may have said it before about other books but this really took hold of me. I was constantly thinking about it or talking about it. One of my best friends and my mom let me go on and on as I got further into the book.

Neither of them were going to read the book but they ended up being quite interested in the story once I started telling them about it. My mom would even phone to ask me what had happened next. The book covers some very difficult topics and can be hard to read about. However, I feel the author did a wonderful job of telling the story in a chilling way, but without going overboard with graphic descriptions. It's hard to explain but it was still just as terrifying and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Every time I put the book down I tried to figure out how this horrific monster would possibly be defeated. Going over and over different scenarios in my head. The characters were very well-developed. I absolutely loved Grace's sister, Millie. She stole my heart. Although I questioned some of Grace's decisions, it felt like one of those situations where you couldn't possibly know how you would react unless it was happening to you.

There may be some things that may not seem completely realistic or believable but I didn't care. I've read things and seen things on the news that seemed like they could not possibly be real.

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Yet they were. I tried not to analyze everything to decide if it could realistically happen that way. I just went with it and enjoyed the ride. A thoroughly engrossing novel that I won't soon forget. Honestly, in my opinion this was worth the wait. I'm very excited for this author's next book. View all comments. Okay, listen up. This book is not the next Gone Girl.


Don't let anyone tell you that. It just isn't. It's not that kind of twisty, secretive book at all. It's the kind of fast-paced, pulpy read that plays with your emotions without ever making you think too hard.

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But, so help me, I could not put it down. The story actually gives up its secrets almost immediately - in fact, most of you probably figured it out after reading the blurb, right? It's not rocket science. And yet, this is a real strength here. The pages flew by in my desperate need to know what happens next. I can't remember the last time a book made me feel such an all-consuming, visceral hatred for a character.

I could feel my emotions bubbling up from the pit of my stomach; I could feel my heart pounding with fury and fear. Because this is a truly frightening book , a disturbing book. Scarier than any horror with demons and monsters. It is an awful, exciting ride of terror. But a certain suspension of disbelief is a must. It is neither the most realistic book, nor the most deeply meaningful. There are some black and white aspects to the characterization - view spoiler [The guy is an evil psychopath. And while this is not completely unrealistic and I could believe he would go to such trouble to create his "fantasy", the mindless villainy of him, plus his penchant for showmanship, verges on a caricature.