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Add to Wishlist. USD 3. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview This book documents how the eight year reign of President George W. Bush changed Washington and the country. Suddenly, the rules in Washington changed in ways Beltway veterans were slow to see, in the service of an agenda they did not grasp, and with a level of incompetence that they literally could not believe. Americans are still feeling the reverberations of the Bush years—in an unfinished war, an enduring recession, and the long shadows of Supreme Court appointments and decisions.

And the possibility remains that the next presidential election could bring a new period of unified GOP control. Product Details About the Author. He wrote the Washington Monthly's Political Animal from to Compare that with a group like, say, Log Cabin Republicans? He lives with his husband in Maine, but he works in D.

He spends his days lobbying conservatives to support LGBT rights. You go meet with them? I think that the bigger problem is Congress. Um, the bigger challenge is Congress. To get that done there is harder than having the president sign it.

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If we get it on his desk, he signs it. Republicans aren't about to go for this. At least, not anytime soon.

But, Tyler's a Republican. I get it. And I agree with it. Democrats have been better on LGBT issues. Democrats also signed the rotten nuclear deal with Iran. I also think Democrats are worse at spending my taxpayer money. But, what about now? Ronald Reagan used to speak here all the time. Civil rights when they conflict with natural rights are contrary. Yeah, you sit down.

Washington bids farewell to President George H.W. Bush

The lesbians at Smith college protest better than you do. GOProud was combative And that group was…. TOBIN: So we just walked into a full floor of expo space, wall-to-wall booths, all in red, white, and blue. The glamorous life of the president of a nonprofit advocacy group. And absolutely, they were.

The Republican foreign-policy brain trust finds a new home -- and a new calling.

There are a lot of guys who -- a lot of them have their faces posted. So it basically breaks down a number of issues. So this is what they look like.

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We've been talking to people and obviously Heritage is a giant in conservative circles. Um, you know, just keeping up with "We the People" and understanding that different backgrounds, demographic, sexual orientation, race, whatever. They talked to us about their evolving views on gay marriage.

I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it. Not gonna, you know, go out and jump on the bandwagon …. ASHLIN: I think, maybe, what she's trying to say, or maybe how I see it, is that, y'know, we may not agree with it in how it aligns with maybe our religious beliefs, or how we would conduct our personal relationships, but I have LG -- er, I have homosexual friends from college.


Elephant in the Room: Washington in the Bush Years - Kindle edition by Paul Glastris, Steve Benen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. [EPUB] Elephant in the Room: Washington in the Bush Years by Paul Glastris, Steve Benen. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

It's just always been a reality of social situations, especially in the millennial group, I think. They say that it doesn't make sense, how can I be a Republican and gay at the same time Which is why I kind of criticize the left for saying they're progressive.


I find they them to be a bit more re gressive. I think we're moving in the right direction. I think that it shows a lot of progress that's needed, in both parties actually. But their views on LGBT rights kind of started and ended with gay people. I'm a lover of alliteration and there is an organization out there called "Gays Against Guns," so part of the naming here is to show people who have heard of "Gays Against Guns" that there is an organization that represents them, if they are gay and supporters of the Second Amendment.

But when you use it as shorthand in policy, you run the risk of leaving behind whole groups of people. And that was particularly clear just a couple of days before CPAC started, when the Trump administration dealt a major blow to the rights of transgender people.

I mean We supported the Obama guidance for transgender students -- this was a zero cost executive action. It wasn't even legally binding. It provided a framework for public schools in their considerations of transgender student issues. And we certainly oppose that guidance being rescinded. We'll see how this will play out. This is an issue that, even before Trump rescinded this guidance, is something that was being adjudicated by the courts and is something that can be heard by the courts less than a month from now, at the end of March.

So there will be an ultimate resolution to this, and it will be soon. DOMINIC: This telegraphs, potentially, a much bigger change, of the federal government taking a, sort of an anti-trans position about civil rights law. But just weeks after we talked, the justices decided not to hear the case — based, in part, on Trump rescinding that guidance.

Elephants in the Room – Foreign Policy

GREGORY: This was a decision that, to my knowledge, came about very quickly, and there wasn't sufficient time that we had to push back on this in a way that would have been effective. So it's certainly known about. Have you reached out since the guidance was issued to say that you don't think they should change their interpretation of Title IX? I don't know what else we could do at this point.

And not a coincidence. I mean, most of the leaders of this gay conservative movement -- they're white gay males.

The Elephant in the Room

And that seems like it will remain an open question. I think the other question which we have answered is whether or not they can get anything done under Trump. And, in just these first couple months, it seems to me like the answer is I mean, part of their point is totally legitimate.

They are able to get in the door and speak to these people in a way that Democrats may not be able to. Jen Hsu, Amy Pearl for the great photos and videos you may have been seeing online. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use at www. New York Public Radio transcripts are created on a rush deadline, often by contractors. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use.

NYPR Network. Listen For Free Support Us. Gregory T. Angelo is president of Log Cabin Republicans. So, who are the big players here?