Fires of Prometheus (Star Crusades Uprising Book 3)

Fires of Prometheus (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 3)
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Months of war have lost them most of the populated colonies and more will surely follow.

Spartan, now a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps has been given his own special platoon, the Vanguards. Using the best weapons and armour in the Confederate arsenal, his unit is thrown back to the Bone Mill to locate information that could change the war.

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After months of battle and many defeats, the fleet and ground forces under the command of Admiral Jarvis assemble for Operation Perdition. Intelligence gathered by the Vanguards confirms the next target.

Star Crusades Uprising

Admiral Jarvis must strike or the Echidna Union will take yet another world. Scores of capital ships and thousands of soldiers and marines ready themselves for their greatest battle yet. The Confederacy needs to turn the war around and drive the Union troops from the lost colonies.

Crew of the Prometheus - Character Catalog

These powerful but inexperienced warriors must tip the balance in favour of the fragile Confederacy. Keyword Starcrusader. The colonies of the Earthsec territories operate with an antiquated military and a great distrust of the wider Alliance that makes them easy prey to the Biomechs.

As he recuperates from his tortured ordeal a final message arrives from Mars. Enemy ships have smashed through the Rift and in hours all contact is lost with the Martian colonies.

Meanwhile, on Prometheus the elite forces of the Navy and Marine Corps, under the command of Colonel Teresa Morato and Admiral Churchill, hatch a plan as daring as anything seen in the days of the Great Uprising. A plan that has been weeks in the making and could see the Alliance move to a position of unequalled strength in readiness for the battle to come. Skirmishes and battles spread throughout the Alliance, but it is what lies beneath the surface of Mars that will change the fortunes of the war in ways that could have never been imagined.

Yazar: Michael G.