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Trump is also politicizing the judiciary.

He has accused the judges reviewing his January immigration order, and a replacement order he signed in March, of trampling presidential prerogatives and endangering national security. But it is important to judicial legitimacy that judges appear neutral and detached, that they appear to follow precedent, and that they appear to pay presidents appropriate deference and respect.

In the Trump immigration cases, the judges sometimes abandoned these norms. They were in a tough spot because they were reviewing extraordinary executive-branch actions in a highly charged context. But they reacted with hasty and, in some ways, sloppy judicial opinions. They issued broad injunctions unsupported by the underlying legal analysis.

They seemed to extend constitutional protections to noncitizens who lacked any connection to the United States. The judges had many avenues to rule against Trump on many issues, especially with regard to the first order. They had plenty of reasons to be angry or defensive because of his tweeted attacks. But they neglected principles of restraint, prudence, and precedent to rule against him across the board based on what seemed to many a tacit determination that the just-elected president lacked legitimacy on immigration issues.

If judges were to continue such behavior for four or eight years, judicial norms and trust in the judiciary might take a serious hit.

Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future

Federal judges sit in a hierarchical system with the Supreme Court at the top. The nine justices rarely agree on any issue of importance. But they unanimously ruled that, at a minimum, the lower-court injunctions were too broad and had failed to take his national-security prerogatives seriously enough. The Court did not indicate how it will ultimately rule. But its sober, respectful, low-temperature opinion sent a strong signal about the importance of judicial detachment. For this reason, the judiciary has a fighting chance to return to normal patterns. The same cannot be said of the norms that govern the news media.

Journalistic practices, of course, were already evolving as a result of social media, the decentralization of news production, and changing financial models. But Trump has had a distinct effect.

The vast majority of elite journalists have a progressive outlook, which influences what gets covered, and how, in ways that many Americans, especially outside of big cities, find deeply biased. And they were shocked when the strategy worked. After the election, news organizations devoted more resources than ever to White House coverage, and they have produced exceptional in-depth reporting that has been integral to the constitutional checks on the presidency.

Reporting on a flagrantly norm-breaking president produces a novel conundrum, however. Many Trump critics insist that his behavior justifies this level of adverse scrutiny. But even if that is true, the overall effect can make the press seem heavily biased and out to get Trump.


Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future (Hoover Institution Press Publications) [George P. Shultz, Henry A. Kissinger] on *FREE* shipping on. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. We live in an age of seismic changes affecting every Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future (Hoover institution press publication ;) - Kindle edition by George P. Shultz, Henry A. Kissinger.

Either way, Trump in some sense wins. The appearance problem that Rutenberg described is real. But it is also true that many reporters covering Trump have overreacted and exaggerated and interjected opinion into their stories more than usual. So, too, do other changes in the norms of covering the president.

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Many journalists let their hair down on Twitter with opinionated anti-Trump barbs that reveal predispositions and shape the way readers view their reporting. And news outlets have at times seemed to cast themselves as part of the resistance to Trump, and seen their revenues soar. Just as Trump drew energy and numbers on the campaign trail from the excessive coverage of his norm-busting behavior, the news media seem to draw energy and numbers from their own norm-busting behavior. But while Trumpism has been good for the media business, it has not been good for overall media credibility.

Trump is not just discrediting the mainstream news, but quickening changes in right-wing media as well. Fox News Channel always leaned right, but in the past year several of its programs have become open propaganda arms for Trump. And sharply partisan outlets like Breitbart News and The Daily Caller have grown in influence among conservatives. The media have every incentive to continue on their current trajectories. Many on the right increasingly agree with a point Ron Unz, the influential former publisher of The American Conservative , made in a memo last year. His assault on those institutions, and the defiant reactions to his assault, will further diminish that trust and make it yet harder to resolve social and political disputes.

The breakdown in institutions mirrors the breakdown in social cohesion among citizens that was also a major cause of Trumpism, and that Trumpism has churned further. This is perhaps the worst news of all for our democracy. To that depressing conclusion I will add another. But it is conceivable that he will turn things around—for example, by pulling off tax and infrastructure reform and putting Kim Jong Un in a box—and win the election, perhaps in a three-way race. If Trump succeeds and makes it to a second term, his norm-breaking will be seen to serve the presidency more than it does today.

If that happens, the office will be forever changed, and not for the better. The second assumption is that the country is fundamentally stable. But what if the economy collapses, or the country faces a major domestic terrorist attack or even nuclear war?

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What if Mueller finds evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians—and Trump fires not just Mueller but also scores of others in the Justice Department, and pardons himself and everyone else involved? These are not crazy possibilities. The Constitution has held thus far and might continue to do so under more-extreme circumstances. But it also might not. Giving out your number may seem fairly innocuous, but it can have big consequences.

On a third-down play last season, the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith stood in shotgun formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. As he called his signals, a Houston Texans cornerback, Kareem Jackson, suddenly sprinted forward from a position four yards behind the defensive line. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. The ball was snapped. He quickly sacked Smith, for a loss of 13 yards. I want to respect her wishes, but am not sure the excluded family members will.

My wife and I have been together for 30 years.

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Like many divorces, it pretty much split up the family. We have been discussing her death, and my wife has expressed that she does not want her ex-stepfather or two of her siblings to attend her funeral. Schools have been on a mission to reinvent campus libraries—even though students just want the basics.

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Back in the s, college libraries had something of an existential crisis. Charles Gosnell, a prominent library-sciences scholar and college librarian in New York, suggested that shifting academic priorities and space constraints threatened to deplete certain book collections, particularly those in highly technical fields such as chemistry, economics, and education. Stop me if this sounds familiar: For most American workers, real wages have barely budged in decades.

Inequality has skyrocketed. This is one of the few new initiatives on the horizon at a time where many of the estab- lished policies are bogged down and are not moving at all. And I do not think anybody should be surprised that the Norwegian Nobel Committee focuses on nuclear weapons. No single issue has been singled out by the Nobel Committee more often than nuclear disarmament. Ten Nobel prizes has [sic] had this in its rationale, so nobody should be surprised. Fyodor Lukyanov: Then I will have to try to convince you, Mr. If they have awarded ten Nobel Prizes; and even in our time, our country—then the Soviet Union—put forward the idea of a complete ban, maybe we should return to it?

Vladimir Putin: Our colleague from the Nobel Institute is partly right. If you ask me whether nuclear disarmament is possible or not, I would say, yes, it is possible. Does Russia want universal nuclear disarmament or not?

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The answer is also yes—yes, Russia wants that and will work for it. This is the good part. However, as always, there are issues that make you think. Nuclear weapons include bombs and missiles that hit large areas, carrying a pow- erful charge that affects a huge territory with the power of both the explosion and radiation. The United States remains committed to its efforts in support of the ultimate global elimination of nuclear, biological, and chem- ical weapons. It has reduced the nuclear stockpile by over 85 percent since the height of the Cold War and deployed no new nuclear capabilities for over two decades.

Nevertheless, global threat conditions have worsened mark- edly since the most recent NPR [Nuclear Posture Review], including increasingly explicit nuclear threats from potential adversaries. These two statements show the difficulties of nuclear disarma- ment, but at least they give a basis for hope. How do we go about. If we get back to constructive dialogue with the Russians, we should address with them the subject of nuclear disarmament. But this time, we should reach out to other states with nuclear weapons and invite them to join us in an attempt to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

This work should proceed with care and energy. Henry Kissinger, Senator Sam Nunn, Bill Perry, and I have given a lot of thought to this problem, and we have written several opinion articles on the subject.