Mr. Strike Out: 0 (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

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At first, Daniela Morales thought the spaceship attacking New York City on the television was just part of some science fiction movie. Then the horrible truth became clear: it was happening in real life. Aliens do exist, and they were invading the planet.

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Unable to reach her mother, Daniela makes it her mission to get to her mom's job downtown to find her. But with the city under fire, trying to make it from her apartment in Harlem to the Financial District proves nearly impossible—until Daniela makes an incredible discovery.

When a squad of Mogs get the jump on her, she is somehow able to throw them across the street, using telekinesis. Daniela doesn't know where this power came from or why she suddenly has it, but she is sure as hell going to use it.

Jake Maddox Sports Stories

Aliens are tearing up her city and she'll destroy every last one of them that gets in her way. But when she comes face-to-face with the Garde, will she be a friend or a foe? And their bad-girl ways didn't die with her. Hanna's on a mission to corrupt Rosewood's youth, starting with a very attractive sophomore. Aria's snooping into her boyfriend's past. Spencer's stealing—from her family. And pure little Emily's abstaining from abstinence. The girls should be careful, though. There's a new A in town turning up the heat.


And this time Rosewood is going to burn. The Mogs have convinced him that they will be the victor in their war for Earth, and Five decides he would rather be on the winning side. Realizing that the only thing that matters is his survival, Five allies himself with the sworn enemies of the Lorien and pledges to help the Mogs take down the very people he was meant to protect. Is he too far gone to be saved? Discover how Five became one of Earth's and Lorien's most dangerous adversaries and decide for yourself.

Bravelands 1: Broken Pride Erin Hunter 0 7 0 Heed the call of the wild with this brand-new, action-packed animal fantasy series from the 1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors. A lion cast out from his pride. Plus, readers can learn more with an augmented reading experience and reality video accessed through a free app.

Rocks, water, the moon, and carbon all change naturally, but people can affect cycles, too. From shooting stars to the northern lights, there are many things to explore in the sky above us. Give beginning readers the resources to gain a deeper appreciation of the world around them. Simple, yet engaging text and beautiful photographs introduce the mysteries of space and the sky above. Young readers will be able to look up at the sky with awe and understanding.

Each title concludes with a simple, kidfriendly science activity. Simple text and bright photographs explain these basic physical science concepts for beginning readers.

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Each of these books gives safe, simple step-by-step instructions for a project that will help young readers understand science. Learn how to make a fizzy rocket, a liquid rainbow, a tornado in a bottle, and much more with these easy and fun activities. Penguins are birds that swim and walk, but do not fly. Some penguins are big.

Others are small. Where do penguins live and what do they eat? Read about the different kinds of penguins to find out! Vibrant photos and at-level text help readers discover these amazing birds. Some animals like to live alone, but others live in groups. Find out all the ways these animals work together to find food, stay safe, raise their young, and mate. Learn about who leads each group and how members of the group communicate with one another.

Did you know that koalas have two thumbs?

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Mr. Strike Out (Jake Maddox Sports Stories) [Jake Maddox, Sean Tiffany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. David Gray is notorious in his . Editorial Reviews. Review. At the time of review, six chapter books comprised the sports Product and related videos (0). Upload your video.

Or that wombats sleep with their feet in the air? Big, colorful photos and simple text explore these charming creatures and their habitats. Simple maps show where each animal lives its remarkable life.

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New photos, design, and updated text round out these updated editions to captivate students and keep your collection current. Easy-to-follow text and photos introduce readers to interesting animals and their babies. Books in this series introduce readers to a variety of woodland animals. Range maps, glossary, common core questions, and vivid pictures enhance the learning process. We all know sharks for their sharp teeth and hunting skills. But what are the facts behind the myths?

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Mr Strike Out

Simple, carefully leveled, and informative text is complemented by fullcolor photographs. You love your pets.

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But have you ever had questions about them? With carefully leveled text and vivid photos, these books are perfect for young animal lovers. Your body works hard all the time. Blood pumps from a healthy heart. Clean breath fills your lungs. Nerves send important messages to your brain. Strong bones support you. The stomach digests food. The muscular system helps you move, and many other systems help keep you well and growing. This series introduces the body systems and how they work together!

Science, engineering, and technology are the driving forces behind robotics.

From a robotic pet dinosaur to the Mars rover, robots do all kinds of amazing work. Each book has large, colorful photographs of the featured robots. How do they train? What kind of work do astronauts do aboard a spacecraft? What is their daily life like? Low-leveled, chunked text alongside stunning photographs will engage the youngest space enthusiasts.

Simple text, full-color photos, and a running timeline tell the life stories of these superstar athletes. Introduces young readers to some of the most famous Asian Americans.