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Object of Power
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In celebration, the Proscholium of the Cabinet is well known across Oxford for the three-dimensional models of museum objects that we create to promote teaching with material culture.

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While these Digital technologies are revolutionising our ability to integrate objects and images into university teaching. To commemorate this historic event, the College is organizing Many of the displayed Read More Everything you need to know about Cabinet in under six minutes…. Several members View , Zoom and Explore High — Resolution Images Documents, maps and images on Cabinet have been digitised where possible directly from the original source.

Annotate , Comment and Discuss Cabinet supports annotation of points of interest on 2D images and in 3D space. Compatible with Mobile Devices Cabinet has been designed from the outset to work well on mobile devices.

Date Published: 12 July - pm Authors: Sarah Griffin marks the 50th anniversary of the first crewed mission to land on the Moon 20 July Date Published: 7 May - am Authors: Sarah Griffin Cabinet is well known across Oxford for the three-dimensional models of museum objects that we create to promote teaching with material culture. Instead, across its many screens and avenues of reading, OMS surveys a diverse array of 'media objects,' some perhaps expected, others quite surprising.

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What is at stake in such investigations? While the scholars brought together here all respect their objects in their very materiality, they also push against a recent turn in media studies toward a certain neo-formalism.

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Convergent with an explosion of work on new media, a heightened concern with media specificity has often functioned to sever media texts from their contexts. Objects of Media Studies moves us from media specificity to object specificity, but this attention to the object resists any easy formalism or a new instance of fetishization. This is a specificity of the object that is at once precise and profoundly relational, sketching circuits of exchange both between the various objects surveyed and between each object and its larger contextual frames.

“Armenian Studies and Material Objects”- Tenth Annual International Graduate Student Workshop

Format: Kindle Edition; File Size: KB; Print Length: 49 pages; Publisher: Jan DiVincenzo (3 July ); Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private. new field of academic enquiry, commonly referred to as material culture studies . through careful study and observation of the physical or material objects.

These frames are personal, political, ideological, cross-cultural, economic, and historical. Aims and Scope Recent developments in the field of visual studies have established how fruitful an art historical approach to images outside of the modern, western notion of art can be.

Digital Objects – The Core of Our Complex Data Market

Still, a reduction of art history strictly towards visual studies would be a drastic one, excluding from its scope entire categories of artefacts that are not images. Considering object experiences in all their sensuous and cognitive complexity and with all the resources of art history, this book series presents object studies as a productive and vital counterpart to visual studies.

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