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Is a hole a real thing, or just a place where something isn’t?
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Are holes material things, where material things are physical like tables and chairs , or are holes immaterial things, where immaterial things are not physical like abstract entities?

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Or are holes not even things at all? Argle is a materialist, that is, someone who rejects the existence of anything immaterial. Like Madonna, Argle is a material girl living in a material world, where all the things that exist are physical material objects. It is plausible that holes exist: we seem to perceive holes; we refer to them in our language; and they seem necessary for the existence of other things.

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“Ain't A Thing” is a track from late Swedish producer and DJ, Avicii, it appeared on the posthumous read more». K. 1. But it ain't a thing, yeah, but it ain't a thing. But it, but it ain't a thing, yeah. But it, but it ain't a thing. It ain't a thing, baby. Hey, it ain't a thing baby. I swear I'm losing .

It is also plausible that holes are immaterial things since our intuitive view of holes is that they are not tangible objects but rather seem more like gaps, and so are not material things themselves but are rather, as Tucholsky described, where the material things are not. These are inconsistent because 1 says there are no immaterial objects, yet 2 and 3 together entail that immaterial holes exist: if there are holes, and if holes are immaterial objects, then immaterial holes exist. So which should we reject? We could reject 1 , which says that there are no immaterial objects, and instead hold that there are immaterial things in the world, including holes.

What about rejecting 2 , then, which says that there are holes? When we utter or sing such a sentence or lyric , our words and maybe our fingers too point to the hole in the bucket. If there are no holes, and so no such hole for our fingers or words to point at, then we need to reinterpret such sentences without making reference to holes.

In this paraphrased sentence, we point to the bucket rather than to a hole, and describe that bucket as having a certain perforated shape. It is the bucket that is hole-y shaped, rather than there being actual holes in the bucket. But can every truth about holes be reinterpreted and systematically paraphrased as truths about perforated host objects?

Ordinarily, we do not think that, by simply not talking about something, it ceases to exist. As for 3 , which says that holes are immaterial objects: can that be rejected? Could holes be material rather than immaterial? Well, this was our central issue.

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If holes are material, which material thing are they? Could they be the guest? No, for similar reasons as to why the TimBits and Munchkins are not the holes themselves. Could they be part of the host, perhaps the lining of the hole? But how thick is the lining for the hole? Should we take one millimetre thickness of the doughnut around the hole as constituting the hole?

Or the entire width of the doughnut, namely, the entire host?

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Or even somewhere in between those thicknesses of the lining? There are so many candidate linings of the hole, and it seems there is no reason to choose one over another, leaving it an arbitrary matter as to which lining we define and identify the hole with. And if we did not pick one of the linings, leaving a multitude of linings, then there would be a multitude of holes, one per each lining, all somewhere within the one doughnut.

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This seems like far too many holes in one place! It also leads to further oddities. For example, we do not think that we eat the hole of a doughnut when we eat the host lining of dough, do we? Again, this is further food for thought. But why does all this matter? Well, one case that the hole expert Achille Varzi, professor of philosophy at Columbia University, cites is that of recounting holes in ballots during the US presidential election.

It accompanies the family on drives by riding in the glove compartment, and in one episode, where Gomez appears in court, it emerged from Gomez's briefcase.

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Kate Kirkpatrick. Germany Official German Charts [9]. It seems indisputable that there are holes. Kate Kirkpatrick. For example, there are keyholes, black holes and sinkholes; and there are holes in things such as sieves, golf courses and doughnuts. This is my problem with a lot of market research.

Thing and Grandmama are fond of arm-wrestling. In a flashback episode on how Gomez and Morticia met, it is revealed that Thing has been with the Addams family since Gomez himself was a child, suggesting Thing is the son of an earlier generation of hand-servants see below. Morticia is always very appreciative of Thing's services, and her frequent " Thank you, Thing" is one of the best known lines of the series. Thing cannot talk, but it does sometimes snap its fingers to attract attention, and is also able to communicate by signaling in Morse code, writing, or with the help of the manual alphabet.

This can be very disconcerting to visitors to the Addams' mansion; in a running gag in some episodes, a visitor to the Addams home, profusely grateful for some kindness of the Addamses', enthusiastically shakes hands with everyone present—"Thank you, Mr.

gelatocottage.sg/includes/2019-12-22/2834.php Thank you, Mrs. In one episode, Morticia gets goosed, and initially suspects Thing, who had been nearby moments earlier.

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However, Gomez immediately appears and admits responsibility, explaining: "Thing just likes to hold hands". In the episode "Thing Is Missing", Gomez and Morticia find a portrait of Thing's parents, a male hand and a female hand. The s revived series implied the existence of other hands as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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