The Adirondack Cannon Mystery

Kathleen M. Curry
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The pursuit takes her from rural England across Europe to Venice. Warning Light by David Ricciardi Apr. Undercover CIA intelligence analyst Zac Miller, who has no training as a field operative, is taken prisoner by the Iranians after what was supposed to be a simple surveillance mission goes awry. Holy Ceremony by Harri Nykanen, trans. Sheriff Ben Bradley, of Rosedale, Tenn. The shooting murder of a local man, who was part of the film crew working on a movie, disrupts their wedding plans.

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Local authorities in White River, N. Macbeth, an ambitious police inspector in a rundown s industrial town in Norway, will go to any lengths to advance his career, egged on by his love interest, a beautiful casino owner named Lady. Flight attendant Cassandra Bowdenn spends the night in Dubai, where she wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man—and no idea what happened.

The Night of the Flood , edited by E. Aymar and Sarah M. Chen Mar.

Fourteen contemporary crime writers take readers to the fictional town of Everton, Pa. Their stories from criminals, cops, and civilians explore the thin line between the rich and the poor, the insider and the outsider, the innocent and the guilty.

#56: Notes on the Dialect and Culture of the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York

As David McKenna lies dying, his grown children gather from across Canada to say a final goodbye. Melanie Barrick grew up in foster care, but now she has a loving husband, a steady job, and a beautiful baby boy, Alex. And no one will say why. Clean Sweep by Michael J. Clark Mar. Bosco, a former smuggler, can make anyone disappear, faking deaths and extracting people across the Canada-U. But then his ex shows up, fresh from the murder of a biker-gang boss, and he soon finds himself a fugitive at the center of a deadly conspiracy. Force of Nature by Jane Harper Feb.

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When five colleagues are forced to go on a corporate retreat in the Australian wilderness, they reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking down the muddy path. Mitchell, now the commodore of submarine Development Squadron Five, discovers that the Russians have turned a nuclear-armed torpedo into a stealthy first strike weapon: Drakon.

The Fallen by David Baldacci Apr. On a visit to Barronville, Pa. Hawthorne wants Horowitz to write a fictional book based on an actual murder case. Complications ensue.

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Girl Unknown by Karen Perry Feb. Still, she throws herself into a baking frenzy for the sake of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving-themed treats.

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A murder provides further distraction. Kit Owens harbored only modest ambitions for herself when the mysterious Diane Fleming appeared in her high school chemistry class. Former president Clinton and bestseller Patterson collaborate on a political thriller in which the president of the United States vanishes from the White House.

His family and aides are left wondering why he would do such a thing.

Green Sun by Kent Anderson Feb. The original Fort William Henry, built by the British in during the French and Indian War, was destroyed two years later after it was captured by the French. A full-size replica fort was built on the same footprint.

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The Adirondack Cannon Mystery book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The Adirondack Cannon Mystery [Kathleen M. Curry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Caitlin Cassidy has found an old map in her attic.

Before the tourist attraction opened in , the fort's owners sought Colonial-era cannons to display. Among the artillery pieces purchased were nine guns discovered a few years earlier off Looe Key, now part of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Local newspaper stories about the fort's purchase said the cannons were bought from Art McKee, a Florida treasure hunter who salvaged the weapons after the Smithsonian Institution recovered other shipwreck artifacts from Looe Key. The British ship is believed to have gone down there along with a captured Spanish vessel it was escorting.

The articles also said the cannons' insignia indicated they belonged to the British Crown. Those markings have since been erased after being exposed to decades of Adirondack winters.

9 Fort William Henry cannons came from Florida wreck, researchers find

Visiting Fort Ticonderoga during any season is always a thrill, but my favorite time of year to experience all Fort Ticonderoga has to offer is during the autumn months. The landscape can be spectacular dressed in its colorful foliage, which appears particularly vivid on those sunny, but cooler, days.

The sounds of the fife and drum, cannon and musket fire, and even the smell of gun powder seems sharper and more intense. Here are some reasons Author: Suzanne Maye. Summer Picnic Hike at Cook Mountain. Forest bathing; a new tag line but a great practice as old as time. The smell of pine needles warmed by the summer sun and leaves whispering and flittering in the breeze. The Adirondacks have long been known for its clean air and healing properties.

Hiking Cook Mountain is a great way to clear the smog of busy life and of the soul.


This short but strong hike will quickly put an end to chattering thoughts until it is just you, your Author: Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce. Bring on the Corn! Few foods speak "summer" to me like corn on the cob. Locals have their favorite farms and stands they frequent. They do all agree on one thing, however: sweet corn is a summer meal essential Lighthouses of Lake Champlain. The lake was once a major throughway — before railroads — for exports like iron ore and lumber traveling all over New England Author: Sabrina Alli.

Let's Taco About Beer. Last Thursday I found myself enjoying a craft beer, eating tacos from a local food truck dragged to its destination by a tractor, and listening to live music, all in the company of my favorite friends. A motley crowd of all ages filled the outdoor pavilion, coming from what seemed like every direction. Small children were running in the field and volunteers picked black currants from the nearby bushes. Together, it created an atmosphere that Author: Savannah Doviak.

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Want to Read saving…. Bring the kids to the Wild Walk for an adventure in the treetops! She then bought an orange plantation grove at Mandarin. Architecture sellers 64, items Shop. That fact, and McKee's role in the guns' salvage, leads researchers to believe the Looe was the source, Zarzynski said.