The Busy Moms Guide to Keeping Track of Everything

Here’s how moms with 3+ kids actually get things done
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There are no standards but your own. Every family has to decide how clean is clean enough.

How to Get Organized for the Holidays

The more you accumulate, the more you have to clean and maintain -and the more time it takes to do it. If you have a choice between taking a family vacation or buying new furniture, go for the vacation. The furniture will end up in a garage sale one day; the memories of the trip will last forever. Everyone who lives under the roof of a home should contribute to its upkeep. If a teenager is an expert at text messaging, he can become an expert at using the washing machine. A man who can program a PDA to remind him of his tee time can program a PDA to remind him to pick up the dry cleaning.

Mess causes stress. Getting your home in order will help you get your life in order. Giving up trying to make your home perfect is the first step toward making it a good place to be. The choices you make about your home involve a lot more than wall color and window treatments. Home is where human beings develop. Oct 08, DeNise rated it really liked it. So, I am a big clutter bug.

2. Delete social media from your phone.

Whatever it may be, you can help yourself by using the little snippets of time you have throughout the day by getting one step ahead on dinner. And it's just not realistic to tackle a whole-life organizing makeover all at once! Create a morning routine Routines can help you to create focus and increase your productivity. We are working on becoming more of a minimalist family, which is interesting with so many of us! I think having a schedule would be so helpful for me, knowing I only have to do one small thing a day will make it feel more manageable for me to follow through. When my home is neat, I feel like my mind can focus better and I feel less stressed about everything.

I really have turned over a new leaf, but with a husband that wont get rid of anything and two kids it is a struggle. I have bought lots of get organized books that just frustrate me more. However, This is a Great reference book with many ideas for getting organized. I have implemented her "command center" idea of having one spot for folders for important categories. I went to Ikea and got magazine holders for the books So, I am a big clutter bug.

I went to Ikea and got magazine holders for the bookshelf in my kitchen and put a name or category on each one. It has proven to work great for keeping up with school papers, calendars, handbooks. For once in my life I can find a paper I am looking for. So, there are a ton of other ideas for managing your life and getting organized. Very practical. View 2 comments. Jul 09, Corinne rated it it was ok Shelves: yr , non-fiction. I feel cheated. The title is different, she doesn't call running a household "running a business" anymore and the chapters are re-organized a bit and she mentions God more but it is essentially the same exact book.

Same book so might as well use the same review.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Cleaning Up: 7 Simple Cleaning Tips

If you are going to pick one of these books I recommend this one. It's a little newer and it feels like each chapter starts with a little more talking rather than jumping right into the bullets also there are 2 new chapters. I was a fool and bought both books. May 07, Heather rated it liked it. While I found some of the tips to be things that I already do, I found many more useful tips. Many were things that I thought, "why haven't I figured that out yet?

LOL This book is filled with lots of useful things to help make running the household much easier. Well, maybe not easier, but less stressful.

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That the man works for his family, an While I found some of the tips to be things that I already do, I found many more useful tips. That the man works for his family, and that clears him of responsibility on the home front.

I'm not sure that's exactly her thoughts, but that was the impression I got. I don't like that. Not one bit. A job is generally only 40 hours per week. Maintenance of the home and care for the children is a job that takes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year. I know that as the kids get older they can help more, but still.

They don't generally get to see him AT work, so I don't think it would send a good message if he wasn't doing things around the house. Anyway, as I said before, overall this was a helpful book filled with a lot of great tips. I will reference it often when tackling various things that I think could use a new approach. Jan 05, Mandy J.

Hoffman rated it really liked it Shelves: blog-reviews. Do you feel like you are always busy? Do you long for way to simplify your life? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then The Busy Mom's Guide could be the book of the year for you! The moms we surveyed range in age from their 20s to their 50s.

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1) Plan Your Day

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The least stressed-out moms were the ones who assigned tasks to every member of their household — including their children. I also taught them the difference between weeds and flowers — lost a few flowers in the process. Catherine and Michael are also old enough to run a Swiffer on the floor and pick up toys. Make it an honor and a privilege for them to be allowed to help with the cleaning — and praise them to high heaven, even if you have to redo it when they are in bed.


He does some laundry, I do the rest. He helps at bath time, too. Prioritize what needs to be done daily and be realistic and also flexible. The goal in parenthood is, of course, to raise happy, healthy children who know they are loved and who acquire the skills they need to take on the world. Get everything done without feeling overwhelmed. Learn how to stop procrastinating.

Learn how to get your kids involved. Avoid the morning rush. Always be on time. Learn tips on living more simply.